21-April-2019: The Good Way
Jeremiah 6:16-19
(Speaker: Rev Eric Chua)

14-April-2019: The Mistrial of Jesus Christ II
Matt 26:57-58; 27:1-10
(Speaker: Rev Dr Leonard Wee)

7-April-2019: The Mistrial of Jesus Christ I
Matt 26:3-5; 14-16 and John 18:12-14
(Speaker: Rev Dr Chang C H)

31-March-2019: The Disturbing Realities of Our Time
Daniel 8
(Speaker: Rev Dr Chang C H)

24-March-2019: Deeply Troubled by Life
Daniel 7
(Speaker: Pr Razo Vasa)

17-March-2019: Success at Work: A Christian Perspective
Daniel 6
(Speaker: Eld Dr John Ang)

10-March-2019: The Writing On The Wall
Daniel 5:1-31
(Speaker: Dn Gregory Loh)

03-March-2019: Fair Warning
Daniel 4:1-37
(Speaker: Rev Dr Chang C H)

24-February-2019: How The Fallen World Conditions Us and How To Overcome It?
Daniel 3:1-12
(Speaker: Rev Dr Robert Solomon)

17-February-2019: Adversity is God's Opportunity
Daniel 2:17-30
(Speaker: Pr Tim Ho)

10-February-2019: Doing the Right Thing Rightly
Daniel 1
(Speaker: Rev Dr Chang C H)

03-February-2019: Preparation for the Ministry
Mark 1:1-9
(Speaker: Rev Anthony Ang)

27-January-2019: Missional Living - Peter
John 21:15-19
(Speaker: Pr Timothy Ho)

20-January-2019: Missional Living - Abraham
Genesis 12:1-20
(Speaker: Pr Razo Vasa)

13-January-2019: God's Role in Missional Living
Ephesians 1:3-23
(Speaker: Rev Dr Chang C H)

06-January-2019: Missional Living
1 Peter 2:9-10
(Speaker: Rev Dr Chang C H)