24-May-2020: Being A Prayerful Church
Ephesians 1:15-16 & 3:14-21
(Speaker: Pr Timothy Ho)

17-May-2020: Unleash The Power Of Praise & Thanksgiving
1 Cor 1:4 ; Phil 1:3-6 ; 1 Thess 1:2-4
(Speaker: Pr Razo Vasa)

10-May-2020: Growing Deeper In Prayer
Col 9:1-13 ; Eph 3:16
(Speaker: Rev Dr Chang C H)

3-May-2020: The Importance Of Prayer
John 17:9-19
(Speaker: Rev Dr Chang C H)

26-April-2020: Christian Conduct in End Times
John 1: 19-34, 3: 22-30
(Speaker: Rev Dr Desmond Soh)

19-April-2020: God Revealed In Jesus Christ
John 1: 1-18
(Speaker: Pr Tim Ho)

12-April-2020: The Love Of God
John 21: 1-25
(Speaker: Rev Dr Steven Tan)

5-April-2020: Here Comes The King
John 12: 12-21
(Speaker: Rev Dr Chang C H)

29-March-2020: Encouragement To Trust In Our Sovereign Lord
Esther 9:1 – 10:3
(Speaker: Dr Tim Ho)

22-March-2020: The Wall Came Tumbling Down
Esther 8: 1–17
(Speaker: Dn Gregory Loh)

15-March-2020: God’s Providence: Sensitive to God’s Intervention
Esther 7:1-10
(Speaker: Dr Gilbert Soo Hoo)

8-March-2020: Life Hangs in the Balance
Esther 6:1-14
(Speaker: Pr Razo Vasa)

1-March-2020: The Unseen Hand of God
Esther 5:1-14
(Speaker: Rev Dr Chang Chian Hui)

23-February-2020: A Risky Task / Job
Esther 4:1-17
(Speaker: Rev Dr R. Solomon)

16-February-2020: God Over Evil
Esther 3:1-15
(Speaker: Rev Eric Chua)

09-February-2020: What Fills Your Heart
Luke 6:39-45
(Speaker: Rev Dr Steven Tan)

02-February-2020: Uneventful Times
Esther 1:1 – 2:7
(Speaker: Rev Dr Chang C H)

26-January-2020: Our Core Values: Family, Disciple-making, making Christ known
Eph 4:1-16
(Speaker: Pr Tim Ho)

19-January-2020: Our Core Values; Lordship of Christ, Scripture, Prayer
Heb 5:11- 6:20
(Speaker: Pr Razo Vasa)

12-January-2020: The Church; My Spiritual Family
Matt 12:46-50; John 19:26-27
(Speaker: Rev Dr Chang C H)

05-January-2020: Persuasive Power
Luke 5:1-16
(Speaker: Rev Dr Chang C H)

29-December-2019: Gaze Upon Jesus
Rev 1:9-20
(Speaker: Rev Dr Chang C H)

22-December-2019: Have a Mary Christmas
Luke 2:1-20
(Speaker: Rev Eddy Lim)

15-December-2019: Mary: A Life Of Faith
Luke 1:26-56
(Speaker: Pr Razo Vasa)

08-December-2019: Good News is Meant to be Celebrated and Shared
Luke 2:8–21
(Speaker: Pr Tim Ho)

01-December-2019: Unlikely Messengers
Luke 1:5-17;39-45
(Speaker: Rev Dr Chang C H)

24-November-2019: Relationship Oiled by Grace
John 13:1–17;34-35
(Speaker: Jose Philip)

17-November-2019: Parenting Oiled By Grace
Col 3:21; Prov 1:2-6; Luke 2:52
(Speaker: Rev Dr Chang C H)

10-November-2019: Marriage Oiled by Grace
Ephesians 5: 22-24 & 1 Peter 3: 1-7
(Speaker: Rev Dr Chang C.H)

3-November-2019: Being a Good Father- Tips from Paul
1 Thessalonians 2:11-12
(Speaker: Rev Dr Tan Soo Inn)