Prayer Needs


1. For God’s protection from the virus, and for God to keep them safe and healthy.
2. For added strength and wisdom to do what they need to do each day, especially in doing the home-based learning activities.
3. For courage, as they face challenges and uncertainties ahead of them.
4. For peace in their hearts, as they go through their days and nights.
5. For deeper understanding of God’s Word, and deeper growth in their faith.
6. For the Holy Spirit to stir the hearts of the children, as they ponder upon changes in the lives of their family and extended families.
7. For God to add to the number of children in Sunday school when this period is over, enabling BBPC to share His words.


1. For wisdom and guidance from God to share devotion / God’s word that will fill the hearts of their children.
2. For supportive bosses and colleagues for parents who work from home, and yet at the same time have to care for their children and family.
3. For patience and understanding to support their children during HBL and early mid term holidays for the child’s impactful learning and growth.
4. For God to provide good time management and rest, and ease their load having to juggle between work, domestic chores and taking care of children.
5. For parents who have been impacted by the recession brought on by COVID-19, may God provide them with the financial assistance and necessities to sustain them through this difficult period.
6. For parents to exercise discernment over all media, especially this time when more time is being spent online, that they keep their focus and eyes on Christ.


Father, thank you for loving us and we pray for Your protection over our teachers and church members who are serving in the Sunday School Ministry. Let our brothers & sisters in Christ continue to serve the Lord with gladness & thanksgiving in their hearts.
We pray that You also touch the sick and take away the fears within us, especially for teachers who are still working in all schools to provide essential services for healthcare workers during this pandemic. The Lord is merciful, and we pray that all flesh shall see the salvation of God (Luke 3:6) The Lord is good and His mercy is everlasting. In Jesus’ Name we pray, Amen.

Christian Education

We pray for Your protection for our librarians and that they will continue to read Your word and think of new ways to engage church members to read more even in this current situation. We pray that we will be able to overcome technology barriers and confidently run the Adult Bible Class. We pray that the ABC can be a source of learning, joy and comfort for those who attend it. We also pray for the Alpha team, as they transit to the Evangelism Ministry umbrella, that they will have energy to continue to engage with past Alpha participants and that they will regain the momentum to run the Alpha course in the later months.