This is an urgent update following the revised measures by the Government given today (24 September 2021).

BBPC will suspend both on-site Worship Services at 9:00 am and 10:30 am for two Sundays (26 September and 3 October), and instead conduct the service virtually at 9am. The recording of the Worship Service will also be posted online after the virtual streaming.

The suspension of the on-site Sunday Worship Services is based on the following factors:

1. The government’s increased posture of concern due to the rapid increase in cases;
2. Previously announced Covid-19 case in the BBPC congregation;
3. Advice for senior citizens to stay home;
4. Concerns expressed by members who are serving on Sunday.

We seek your understanding on the short notice, but believe these measures are taken with the best interest of our members’ safety.

Take care and be safe.